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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to ensure that all interactions, purchases and NFT minting remain as safe as possible. With this in mind, we have outlined some of our safety measures so that you can interact across SZN ONE with confidence.

1. Never share your private keys or seed phrase of your wallet with anyone.

2. Use links only published on our official website and official SZN ONE email ( avoid any other links which might be sent to you.

3. Only connect your Wallet to the official SZN ONE website.

4. SZN ONE nor any other partner will ever DM you or contact you directly to offer you any kind of support.

5. Ensure that you only purchase Digital Collectibles from the Official SZN ONE Collection.

6. Do not trust any other communication channels except the official SZN ONE website, the #Support channel of the official Discord server or the official Twitter account.

What are Digital Collectibles by SZN ONE?

The SZN ONE Access pass and Fan pass is the first collection brought to our community. SZN ONE is a Utility first sports NFT project that aims to create and connect a community of passionate sports fans to the fundamentals of what it means to follow their favourite players, teams and sports. Through a wide range of digital, IRL and 'phygital' utility, our community will have access to the memorabilia, the games and experiences that shape their fan experience.

SZN ONE's first focus lies in Football (Soccer if you're in the USA!) where we will build a strong, interactive community through our "pre-SZN', Digital card ecosystem, and NFT pass drop in Q3 2023.

When does the mint start?

Mint date is coming in Summer 2023. The specific mint time will depend on whether you are part of the allowlist or wider public mint.

What is the mint price for the digital collectable?

The mint price will be revealed on our official channels as we get closer to mint

How many NFTs will drop?

There will be 10,000 Digital collectables up for grabs. 1000 Access passes and 9000 Fan passes.

What's in it for the community?

Our SZN ONE SERIES 1 drop will be the first step of our journey in the Web3. Over the next weeks and months, we will be building and engaging with our community, delivering insight, various utility and benefit to all who interact and engage through our PRE SZN card game. You can expect to see match tickets, memorabilia and more coming to the community leading up to our Fan and Access pass mint. This is to give the community a small taste of the utility that comes with being a SZN ONE digital collectable holder.

Is PRE SZN free to join?

Yes, all you need to do is sign up to an account on our website to begin your journey with us.

Will SZN ONE NFT holders be able to collect royalties?

Due to legal and regulatory concerns, SZN ONE are unable to distribute potential royalties to owners of SZN ONE NFTs.

Can I merchandise my SZN ONE NFT?

All SZN ONE intellectual property is owned by 'x' company LTD. With this in mind, owners of SZN ONE NFTs will not be able to sell or distribute any designs from SZN ONE in any way.

Can I purchase SZN ONE NFT with my credit card?

Yes. At the time of mint, you will be able to purchase SZN ONE digital collectibles using either FIAT or Ethereum.

Are all the NFTs the same?

There are two distinct categories of NFTs in the SZN ONE inaugural collection: The Fan pass and the Access pass. Each category of NFT comes with a unique set of utility benefits.

What is an 'allowlist' and will there be one?

An allowlist is a list of collected wallet addresses which allow certain community members a guaranteed spot for minting digital collectibles / NFTs. The selection of addresses is usually based on a combination of specific requirements. The SZN ONE Fan and Access pass collection will have an allowlist that will be available to those who collect specific digital cards throughout our PRE SZN period.

Why do I have to register with my email address, country of residence and home address in order to sign up for the allowlist?

There are 3 reasons why we ask you to resister with your email address, country of residence and home address.

We require your email address for the double opt-in process to confirm that you consent to setting up an account with SZN ONE.

The details of your country of residence are required to comply with the national regulations of your country.

We require your residential address in order to ship any memorabilia, merchandise or other physical product that you gain through SZN ONE utility.

How can I check if I am on the allowlist?

Information on wave allocation will be published on the website ( at the appropriate time leading up to mint.

How much time do I have to mint my NFT?

There will be two mint-waves for the SZN ONE mint. Each with its own mint duration. The exact mint date and duration will be communicated on our official channels at the appropriate time.

In which countries is purchasing the NFTs allowed?

If you live outside of the UK, EU, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, please contact or message our official twitter account (

What can owners expect?

Owners of digital collectibles by SZN ONE can look forward to connecting and interacting with an inspiring community of sports fans, carefully selected in real life and digital products and experiences as well as the opportunity to have a say in the future direction of SZN ONE.

Is this a one-off project?

Absolutely not. SZN ONE has a long term vision for building the most comprehensive community of sports fans over the coming years.

How many SZN ONE NFTs can I own?

A total of 2 SZN ONE digital collectibles may be purchased by any single wallet address.

What is a 'wallet'?

A digital wallet is much like your physical wallet. You can store and manage cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, such as ENS addresses and NFTs. Wallets are available as browser extensions or desktop and mobile apps.

Which wallets are supported?

We support wallets from the following providers:

What are the official links?

Please only use the following links:



Please be aware that the mint is not live yet. Marketplace links will be added once the NFTs have been minted.

What is the official Ethereum address of the SZN ONE Digital Collectibles?

The official SZN ONE ethereum address will be communicated on our official channels soon.

My question is not listed. Who can I contact for further information?

In case you have additional questions, leave a comment on Twitter (

Or email

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